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RECEIVED <br />Comments on July 24, 2012 City Council '9'NF` j "l VA I0: 00 <br />Comments by: Jim Mosher (iimmosher(a7vahoo . com ), 2210 Private Road, Newport Beach 92660 (949- <br />548 -6229) {;, =r� C <br />T"Ic tal Ty' C,' _F ( <br />c�,9CH <br />STUDY SESSION <br />Item 2. Presentation by ExplorOcean <br />This will presumably be similar to earlier presentations made to various City commissions and <br />committees. On -going questions are: <br />0 The architecture of the building seems incompatible with the low -key "village" Design <br />Guidelines adopted in earlier years. It may also clash with and detract from the area's <br />current iconic structure, the Balboa Pavilion. <br />0 The design of the waterfront area may be based on unrealistic assumptions about the <br />availability of entitlements to develop over the public tidelands. <br />0 Traffic and parking are obvious unknowns. The difficulty of accessing a remote location <br />on the Peninsula during the popular summer months would seem to limit the venture's <br />success; yet if it is as successful as everyone hopes, its success would exacerbate an <br />already difficult situation. <br />0 An amenity of this sort would seem more logical at a location more readily accessible to <br />visitors, such as along Mariners Mile, or at the Museum's old location near the Back Bay <br />Bridge. <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />Item 1. Minutes from July 10, 2012 <br />0 1 have submitted separate written comments highlighting probable typos in these. <br />Item 4. Complimentary Hotel Rooms Ordinance <br />0 It is not unprecedented, but it nonetheless seems a bit unusual for an ordinance to be <br />introduced on the Consent Calendar where it may not be subject to discussion. <br />Hopefully the Council Members have read the proposal to see that it meets their <br />expectations. <br />