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A -15 <br />PLACES OF HISTORICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE - Page 2 <br />ii) Structures or areas identified with the lives <br />of historical personages of the City of Newport Beach, the <br />County of Orange, the State of California, or the United <br />States of America. <br />iii) Sites and groups of structures representing <br />historical development patterns, including, but not limited <br />to, urbanization patterns, railroads, agricultural settlements, <br />and canals. <br />2. . Application of State Historical Building Code <br />Any building or structure designated as having historical or <br />architectural importance by inclusion in the Newport Beach Register of <br />Historical Property shall be deemed a "qualified historical building <br />or structure" for purposes of applying the State Historical Building <br />Code, as set forth in Part 2.7 (commencing with section 18950) of <br />Division 13 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California <br />and Part 8 of Title 24 of the California Administrative Code. The <br />Director of the Building Department may apply the said State Histori- <br />cal Building Code to any such building or structure, providing, however, <br />that the highest standards of structural and fire safety are maintained. <br />3. Procedures <br />The owner of any structure who desires that such structure be <br />included in the Register shall make application to the City Council in <br />form prescribed by the City Manager stating the characteristics of such <br />structure in terms of the criteria outlined above. The City Manager <br />shall submit applications to the Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Com- <br />mission, the Arts Commission, and the Newport Beach Historical Society <br />for review and recommendation before submitting such application to the <br />City Council for consideration. The City Council shall consider all <br />recommendations before making its determination. <br />Adopted - May 28, 1985