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A-17 <br />NEWPORT BEACH CITY COUNCIL AIRPORT POLICY <br />A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />The City Council's primary objective is to protect Newport Beach residents from <br />the impacts of commercial aircraft operations at and from John Wayne Airport <br />(JWA). The City Council believes that the impacts related to JWA are now, and <br />will continue to be, the most significant threat to the quality of life of Newport <br />Beach residents. For the last 30 years, the City, and community groups <br />concerned about adverse airport impacts, have developed and implemented <br />strategies to control those impacts and these efforts, which have been supported <br />by the County for the last 30 years, have made JWA one of the most "community <br />friendly' airports in the nation. <br />The City and community groups have achieved some success in controlling <br />airport impacts by understanding, and working within, the complex legal, <br />economic and political factors that are relevant to adverse airport impacts such <br />as the type and level of aircraft operations. The purpose of this Policy, which is <br />admittedly long and somewhat complex, is to provide elected and appointed <br />officials with information and guidelines that will help ensure that decisions <br />related to JWA serve the best interests of Newport Beach residents and enable <br />residents to better understand and provide input regarding those decisions. <br />Recognizing that the City has no legal ability to directly regulate JWA <br />operations, the City Council and community groups approved (in 1985), <br />aggressively protected (in 1990), and then extended (in 2002 and 2014) the term <br />of the JWA Settlement Agreement. The JWA Settlement Agreement is the single <br />most important vehicle for controlling adverse airport impacts. The City Council <br />should pursue future Settlement Agreement amendments but only if the terms <br />and conditions of the amendments dont facilitate any physical expansion of the <br />airport, don't modify the curfew, don't adversely impact our resident's quality of <br />life and are in the best long-term interests of Newport Beach residents most <br />adversely impacted by airport operations. <br />The City will continue to aggressively oppose any proposal or plan that could <br />lead to development of a second air carrier runway or runway extension and any <br />plan or proposal that could lead to any modification of the existing noise -based <br />curfew. The City will continue to work with, and support the efforts of, <br />community groups and other cities impacted by JWA when those efforts are <br />consistent or compatible with the airport strategies approved by the City <br />Council. The City will also actively support any program or proposal that would <br />help serve Orange County's air transportation demand at facilities other than <br />JWA. <br />1 <br />