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W <br />AIRPORT LAND USE COMMISSION FOR ORANa COUNTY <br />B -a <br />continued <br />The City Council continues to join with the majority of members of the Orange <br />County Division of the League of California Cities in supporting the Airport <br />Land Use Commission for Orange County. This is a useful vehicle for cities <br />and the county to work cooperatively in the important area of airport land use <br />planning. <br />We believe the Orange County Board of Supervisors should meet the spirit and <br />intent of state legislative mandate and provide the commission with meaningful <br />budgetary support. This would enable the commission to employ competent pro- <br />fessional personnel to properly complete the master planning assignment it has <br />been given by state law. However, we will continue to urge the state legislature <br />to resolve the present funding dilemma by guaranteeing proper financial support <br />so the commission may proceed with its vital planning tasks. <br />Adopted - February 14, 1972