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FM <br />NEWPORT BEACH AIRPORT POLICY <br />I. POLICY. <br />The City's airport policy consists of three components; <br />A. The preservation of the John Wayne Airport Settlement Agreement; <br />B. The possible modification of the Settlement Agreement under <br />terms acceptable to the City and County; <br />C. The development of an additional commercial airport to <br />complement service provided at JWA; <br />The measures to implement this policy are discussed in Section IV and <br />implementation of all components of this policy are necessary to preserve the <br />quality of life for Newport Beach residents. <br />II. PURPOSE. <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish a comprehensive program to <br />minimize the impact of John Wayne Airport (JWA) on the quality of life for <br />Newport Beach residents by preserving the current operational restrictions at <br />JWA, investigating ways to extend and /or strengthen those restrictions, and <br />encouraging objective evaluation of the potential for converting El Toro MCAS <br />to a commercial airport that would complement air transportation service <br />provided at JWA. <br />M. INTRODUCTION. <br />The Southern California Association of Governments (SLAG) has <br />predicted that the demand for air transportation in Orange County will exceed <br />16 million annual passengers (MAP) in the year 2000 and 23 MAP in 2010. JWA <br />is the only commercial airport in Orange County and commercial aircraft <br />departing JWA generate noise that affects more than 40,000 Newport Beach <br />residents. However, inadequate land area and other constraints currently <br />prevent JWA from serving more than 50% of the existing demand, and less than <br />half of the anticipated demand, for air transportation in Orange County.