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B-1 <br />JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT POLICY - Page Three <br />8. a policy which would limit the aircraft type at JWA to prohibit <br />B -727 and louder aircraft, and to that end adopt a policy which <br />sets maximum SENEL levels for all type aircraft using,JWA. <br />9. The County shall work with the FAA to implement aircraft flight <br />procedures which assure the community of the best feasible noise <br />abatement departures which are available, including a system of <br />variable flight departure patterns. To that end, the County <br />should acquire and install any necessary navigation aids and <br />devices which will accommodate said procedures. <br />10. Regulations leading to the achievement of the January 1, 1986, <br />State Noise Standards shall be provided in cooperative agreements, <br />such as stipulated judgments, Memoranda of Understanding, and /or <br />conditions on ADAP grants that would limit and reduce current <br />Airport - generated noise. <br />11. The 500 -mile perimeter rule must be re- instituted. The Board of <br />Supervisors is urged to take whatever steps are necessary to <br />accomplish such action. The City of Newport Beach will assist <br />the County in such action whenever possible. The John Wayne <br />Airport should be designated as a short -haul facility and no air <br />carrier should operate a route with a stage length from or to <br />John Wayne Airport in excess of 500 statute miles, except for <br />the pre- existing Salt Lake City route. <br />12. Weight 'limitation restrictions should be maintained at the John <br />Wayne Airport. Permitting heavier aircraft could have adverse <br />consequences in terms of the noise environment around JWA. Addi- <br />tionally, increasing the weight limitation would have adverse <br />consequences against the County with the existing noise damage <br />lawsuits pending and with respect to the County's variance under <br />the California Noise Standards. However, this weight restriction <br />is an issue which must be carefully considered and possibly modi- <br />fied if quieter aircraft with heavier weight requirements are <br />manufactured. It appears that noise characteristics of some air- <br />craft currently and soon to be in production will be substantially <br />superior to the existing aircraft types presently using the Airport. <br />Steps to permit the operation of those aircraft at the Airport <br />sometime in the future should be carefully evaluated and seriously <br />considered. <br />13. Airport surfade transportation access and air quality issues must <br />be resolved Yo the mutual satisfaction of the City of Newport Beach, <br />Orange Count CALTRANS, Air Resources Board, and other adjacent <br />local juris fictions. Surface transportation facilities are in- <br />adequate t accommodate traffic currently generated. Improvements <br />in access is a necessity before additional passengers are permitted <br />to use t e John Wayne Airport. Subject improvements should be <br />reviewe by all agencies being impacted by the JWA.