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B -1 <br />10/14/75 <br />isORANGE COUNTY AIRPORT <br />In developing its position regarding issues related to Orange County Airport, <br />the Newport Beach City Council has always carefully examined pertinent aviation <br />technical studies; has weighed the desires of citizens of the County for com- <br />mercial air transportation, the assumed benefits in` employment and trade from <br />business and industry attracted to the airport and adjacent airport industrial <br />development; the continuing commitment of the County of:Orange to preserve <br />viable general aviation facilities; and finally, the responsibility of public <br />officials to protect and enhance the comfort, well -being and quality of res- <br />idential living for the citizens they serve." <br />After considering these factors, the Newport Beach City Council has concluded <br />that it is in the best interest of the City and an important responsibility <br />to assure its citizens, and the tens of thousands of patrons of its water - <br />oriented recreation attractions, a continuation and enhancement of the res- <br />idential and outdoor recreational environment. Therefore, it is essential <br />that effective measures be employed so that the noise and pollution emanating <br />from jet aircraft operations at Orange County Airport can be reduced, constrained, <br />and abated. To accomplish such objectives, the City of Newport Beach offers the <br />following findings and recommendations for operation of Orange County Airport. <br />Control of Commercial Jet Departures <br />is The control of commercial jet departures through terminal lease restrictions <br />appears to be the most productive technique for immediate management by local <br />authorities of the noise problem. <br />The following conditions should govern the continuance of terminal access priv- <br />ileges by commercial carriers at Orange County Airport: <br />a. The hours of operation should be from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. <br />only. . <br />b. The type of jet aircraft should be limited to those no louder <br />than the Boeing 737 or Douglas DC -9 and with a gross weight <br />not to exceed 95,000 pounds. <br />c. The permitted number of daily operations should be restricted <br />to a number not to exceed the average daily level for the twelve <br />months immediately preceding expiration of the present leases. <br />d. Noise abatement flight procedures should be vigorously enforced <br />by airport management. To aid in this effort and to provide a <br />reliable and scientific basis for assessing the noise problem, <br />suitable measurement equipment and competent operators should <br />continue to be maintained at the airport.