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ORANGE COUNTY AIRPORT - Page 2 <br />B -1 <br />11/27/78 <br />e. No terminal access privileges should be granted to any new <br />carrier who proposes to use jet aircraft, or who may receive <br />authority to serve any point where the ultimate destination is more <br />than 500 statute miles from Orange County. No expanded terminal <br />facilities should be permitted, nor should any commercial carrier <br />be allowed to construct terminal facilities which would be inde- <br />pendent of the County's regulatory controls. <br />f. No commercial carrier should be permitted to use aircraft not <br />equipped with the latest smoke reduction retrofit equipment. <br />Federal Aviation and Airport Operator <br />Tha FAA and Airport Operator should exercise its jurisdiction and control to <br />insure that all jets and noisy aircraft departing Orange County Airport in a <br />southerly direction over Newport Beach shall follow a course directly down <br />the thread of the stream in the Upper Newport Bay while continuing safety and <br />noise abatement procedures. <br />General Aviation Operations <br />Piston- driven private and commercial aircraft do not appear to constitute a <br />serious environmental pollution problem. However, the uncontrolled operation <br />of privately owned jet powered aircraft poses an increasingly serious noise <br />problem. The County should maintain strict measures to limit times of opera- <br />tion, flight procedures and noise abatement patterns for such aircraft. If <br />the Director of Aviation cannot attest to a significant improvement in this <br />problem within a reasonable period of time, the use of such jet powered air- <br />craft should be banned from the airport. <br />New Facilities <br />The Orange County Board of Supervisors has elected to be the local agency <br />providing commercial airline facilities for this metropolitan area. The <br />Board should acknowledge that the Orange County Airport is not, and in all <br />probability will never be, an acceptable facility for jet powered aircraft. <br />Further, numerous technical studies have demonstrated that the only sensible <br />solution to the County's aviation facilities needs is the development of an <br />alternate jet capable airport. The City Council urges the Board of Super- <br />visors and all aviation authorities to make a strong commitment to this <br />objective. <br />Until such time as such a facility is available for use, strong measures must <br />be employed to control the environmental and safety problems created by Orange <br />County, Airport. <br />1 <br />Adq ted - February 14, 1972 <br />Reaffirmed - December 10, 1973 <br />Reaffirmed - November 11, 1974 <br />Amended - October 14, 1975 <br />Amended - November 27, 1978