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B -1 <br />JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT POLICY <br />Airport noise is a matter of great concern to the City of Newport <br />Beach. Many Newport Beach residents have a high level of anxiety and <br />fear of an',expanded airport operation and there is, therefore, a <br />pressing need to protect impacted residential areas from increased <br />Airport noisA. The City Council of Newport Beach in developing an <br />official position with respect of the John Wayne Airport has examined, <br />weighed, and evaluated the following: <br />A. All aviation technical studies associated with the John <br />Wayne Aik ort; <br />B. The desires,of residents of the City of Newport Beach and <br />adjacent city, and county areas, and the needs of commerce <br />and industry }ienefited by the Airport; <br />C. The desirability of preserving viable general aviation <br />facilities; and . <br />D. The responsibility of_ public officials to protect the <br />health, safety and welfare, as well as to enhance the <br />comfort, well- being, and quality of residential living for <br />the citizens they serve.. <br />After considering these factors, the'Newport Beach City Council has <br />adopted this Policy concerning the actdvities of the John Wayne <br />Airport. It has been determined that ik the best interest of the City <br />of Newport Beach, its residents and business establishments, effective <br />measures must be employed so that the noisy, traffic, and other <br />related adverse environmental effects resulting from jet aircraft <br />operations at John Wayne Airport be reduced, ;constrained, and abated. <br />To accomplish such objectives, the City of Newport Beach hereby adopts <br />the following Policy concerning the John Wayne Airport: <br />1. The Board of Supervisors has recognized that JWA cannot serve the <br />long -term air transportation needs of this County. Therefore, <br />the Board of Supervisors is urged to immediately select a site <br />for a new airport. Comprehensive site selection and Master Plan <br />studies must be completed to locate and develop a facility able <br />to serve the aviation needs of the County and to relieve the <br />growth pressure from John Wayne Airport. <br />2. Commercial jet airline operations must not be permitted to <br />increase over the existing authorized annual level of 39 average <br />daily departures of Class A aircraft and 34 of Class AA aircraft, <br />inclusive of regular, extra section, maintenance, and charter <br />flights.