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B -2 <br />LIMITATIONS OF JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT AND <br />PROMOTION OF A NEW REGIONAL AIRPORT <br />Demand for air travel in Orange County far exceeds the capability of <br />John Wayne Airport. In 1990, 12 million air passengers (MAP) in Orange <br />County will need to be served. By 2000, the demand will be 17 MAP and <br />in the year 2010, the demand will be over 23 MAP. In contrast, John <br />Wayne Airport will serve only 8.4 MAP in extremely crowded conditions. <br />Every major agency or group which has studied this issue has concluded <br />that John Wayne Airport will never be able to serve more than a small <br />portion of the air passenger demand from Orange County. John Wayne <br />Airport is too small, too congested, and too troublesome to be expanded. <br />Only 460 acres, the airport has little land available for auto parking <br />and terminal facilities. The relatively short runway restricts medium - <br />haul and long -haul flights. Crowded air traffic control facilities <br />limit the usefulness of the airspace. The access roads to the airport <br />are heavily congested and become more so each year. Nearby residential <br />neighborhoods suffer unbearable noise impacts and connot be expected to <br />accept additional noise burdens. The physical limitations imposed by <br />inadequate land area, over congested ground access routes, overcrowded <br />airspace, and heavily- impacted nearby residential neighborhoods, <br />guarantee that John Wayne Airport can never serve the air travel needs <br />of Orange County. <br />Many groups and agencies have urged the selection of a new airport site <br />to serve Orange County residents. These include the Orange County Grand <br />Jury, the Southern California Association of Governments, the Southern <br />California Regional Airport Authority, the Orange County Blue Ribbon <br />Regional Airport Advisory Committee, the Orange County Cities Airport <br />Authority, the Airport Site Coalition and the Orange County Board of <br />Supervisors. <br />The City Council of Newport Beach shall promote the siting and <br />development of a new airport for Orange County by offering its time and <br />effort, the support of City staff, and possibly funds to assist the <br />County and /or other appropriate agencies in this effort. The City <br />Council shall support the earliest possible selection of one or two <br />sites worthy of detailed engineering, environmental and economic study. <br />The City shall seek to promote support from all levels of government, <br />all affected agencies and the general public for the development of such <br />sites. It is the intent of the City Council to assure the development <br />of an additional airport site to augment the capacity of John Wayne <br />Airport prior to the expiration of the Settlement Agreement in the year <br />2005. <br />Adopted - September 27, 1982 <br />Amended - December 9, 1985 <br />Rewritten - October 22, 1990