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B -2 <br />LIMITATIONS OF JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT AND <br />PROMOTION OF A NEW REGIONAL AIRPORT <br />The City of Newport Beach supports the recommendation of Inter - County <br />Airport Authotity, the SCAG Executive Committee, and the Orange County <br />Blue Ribbon Re ional Airport Advisory Committee to locate a new <br />regional airpoA. Newport Beach encourages and offers to assist the <br />Board of Supervisors and the SCAG Executive Committee to follow up the <br />site selection wi'k.h airport Master Plans. <br />All three sites lockted in Orange County and recommended for <br />consideration by the three committees now require a complete Master <br />Plan effort. Each Matter Plan should consider several alternatives <br />including not only theklargest, most environmentally damaging design, <br />but also smaller more attractive designs complete with environmental <br />impact mitigation measurt's. Selection of the best site could, <br />therefore, be coupled with the selection of the most attractive and <br />most practicable design. <br />The work of these three committees must not be ignored. Potential <br />solutions to the airport dilemma are fast disappearing. Newport Beach <br />proposes that SCAG and the Orange County Board of Supervisors <br />immediately convene a technical committee to formulate a scope of work <br />for a Regional Airport Comprehensive Master Plan Program and to <br />identify sources of funding for the. program. <br />The City Council of Newport Beach offers its time and effort, the <br />support of City staff, and possibly funds to assist the County and /or <br />other appropriate agencies to locate and design a new airport for <br />Orange County. The City Council urges all Orange County cities, <br />businesses, and residents to join this effort. <br />Demand for air travel in Orange County far e kceeds the capability of <br />John Wayne Airport. In 1990, 18 million air passengers (MAP) in <br />Orange County will need to be served. By 2000, nearly 30 MAP will <br />demand service. In contrast, John Wayne Airport'currently serves only <br />3.0 MAP in extremely crowded conditions. <br />John Wayne Airport cannot be expected to expand beyond very minimal <br />levels. The Southern California Association of Governments Aviation <br />System Plan calls for only 3.5 MAP at John Wayne Airport. A report by <br />the 1980 -81 Orange County Grand Jury states "...John Wayne Airport <br />will never totally serve the air service needs of Orange County." <br />And, "...there will ... be over 12 million potential annual passengers <br />who want short -haul air service but will not be able to get it." The <br />recent Blue Ribbon Regional Airport Advisory Committee called for John <br />Wayne Airport to remain at its present level of passenger service. <br />All forecasts of the airport's capability reveal that John Wayne <br />Airport can serve only a small portion of the Orange County air travel <br />demands.