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0 <br />C -1 <br />ANNEXATION GUIDELINES <br />It is recognized that the City of Newport Beach has certain "spheres of influence" <br />and that said areas may be considered for annexation to the City. <br />In evaluating a proposed annexation of a "sphere of influence" to the City of Newport <br />Beach, a number of guidelines should be utilized to assist in a determination of <br />whether the annexation is in the best interests of the City of Newport Beach. By <br />way of illustration, but not limitation, examples of these guidelines to test a <br />proposed annexation proposal are as follows: <br />1. Public Reaction - Attitude of public agencies and private <br />organizations in and around the area that <br />may be affected by the annexation. <br />2. Over - lapping Taxation - Degree of double taxation resulting from <br />the annexation and what may be done to <br />eliminate any such condition. <br />3. Duplication - Extent to which duplication of services <br />would exist or could be eliminated as a <br />result of the annexation. <br />4. City Standards - Ability of the City to require annexed <br />areas to be raised to City standards, <br />is, by assessment districts. <br />5. Tax Base - Ability to broaden the tax base by annex- <br />ation of land with existing or potential <br />for high revenue producing improvements. <br />6. Planning - Ability to continue an orderly program of <br />City development based upon general plan <br />implementation projections. <br />7. Transportation - Ability to correct inter -area street <br />circulation deficiencies and inadequacies, <br />thus promoting a more efficient flow of <br />people and goods. <br />8. Boundaai - Opportunity to realign boundaries that <br />more closely approximate logical man - <br />made or natural physical barriers.