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E <br />r, -1 <br />ANNEXATION GUIDELINES <br />The City of Newport Beach has certain Spheres of Influence wherein <br />unincorporated County territory may be considered for annexation to the <br />City. <br />In evaluating a proposed annexation, the City Council shall review several <br />items including, but not limited to, the following: <br />1. Statistical Summary All relevant data such as land area, <br />population, dwelling units, street <br />miles, assessed valuation, etc., to <br />provide a capsule view of the area. <br />2. Land Use and Planning Boundaries, topography and natural <br />features, existing land use, general <br />plans, and zoning to provide a detailed <br />overview of the existing and planned <br />physical characteristics of the area and <br />to provide a comparison to areas within <br />the City. <br />3. Plan of Services Administration and facilities for public <br />services such as police, fire, sewers, <br />water, schools, etc., both existing and <br />planned. Also, level of services to be <br />provided compared to levels provided <br />within the City. <br />4. Traffic and Circulation Roadways and traffic volumes within the <br />area and their relation to those within <br />the City. <br />5. Costs Initial "start -up" costs, other one -time <br />costs, and continuing annual expenses to <br />the City by each Department to serve the <br />area. <br />6. Revenues One -time and continuing additional <br />revenues by each budget account to be <br />received by the City as a result of <br />annexation. <br />7. Demographics A quantitative description of the <br />population and their attributes as may <br />be found in census and other similar <br />data. <br />Adopted February 27, 1967 <br />Amended February 14, 1972 <br />Amended - October 26, 1987