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D -1 <br />2. Exception: Fire and Marine, and Police responses to emergencies in the <br />community may be reported directly to the media by a designated <br />department spokesperson with the approval of the Fire and Marine Chief, <br />or Police Chief. Police Department releases concerning traffic advisories, <br />investigations and routine community relations activities may also be <br />reported directly to the media. <br />3. City departments, boards, commissions, or committees shall use standard <br />City of Newport Beach press release stationery to distribute information <br />to the media. <br />4. Press releases shall include the name, telephone number and department, <br />board, commission or committee of the individual who has prepared the <br />release. <br />5. Press releases shall adhere to a specified City press release format (see <br />Attachment "A "). <br />6. Press releases containing controversial or sensitive materials and /or <br />matters relating to public safety shall be distributed to the Mayor and • <br />members of the City Council prior to release to the media. <br />Attachment "A" <br />Adopted 11/23/92 <br />Amended - January 24, 1994 <br />Amended - February 26,1996 <br />Formerly G -3 <br />2•