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D-4 <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH INNOVATION/IMPROVEMENT INCENTIVE <br />PROGRAM <br />Purpose <br />To establish a method for employees to submit suggestions to improve City business <br />practices. The objective of the program is to achieve efficiencies in City operations by <br />providing employees an opportunity and incentive to contribute their ideas. Ideas <br />resulting in measurable cost savings, increased efficiency or increased revenue to the <br />City will be given priority over intangible suggestions. <br />Policy <br />Review Committee The City Manager's Office shall designate an <br />Innovation/ Improvement Incentive Program coordinator in addition to a five member <br />review committee made up of three members of the management team, and one <br />standing advisory member from both the City Manager's Office and Finance <br />Department. The review board will review each idea submitted. <br />Application Period Employee suggestions will be accepted by the Innovation/ <br />Improvement Incentive Program coordinator year-round. <br />Submittal and Review Procedure Employee suggestions will be submitted on the IIIP <br />form to their Department Director for signature. Once approved by the Department <br />Director, the form is forwarded to the Innovation/ Improvement Incentive Program <br />coordinator. All ideas will be acknowledged upon receipt. The <br />Innovation/ Improvement Incentive Program Committee will forward a copy of any <br />approved idea to the appropriate department(s) for evaluation. After review by the <br />affected department(s), a written response signed by the department director(s) shall be <br />returned to the Innovation/ Improvement Incentive Program Committee with a <br />recommendation. The affected department(s) shall provide a summary of projected <br />cost or operational benefit to the City for suggestions recommended for adoption. The <br />committee will make a determination to adopt, reject or defer the matter for further <br />investigation. The decision of the committee shall be communicated directly to the <br />employee. If the committee adopts the suggestion, a pilot study may be conducted to <br />determine the actual savings/revenue or cost avoidance. <br />1 <br />