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D-4 <br />2 <br />communicated directly to the employee. If the committee adopts the suggestion, a pilot <br />study may be conducted to determine the actual savings/revenue or cost avoidance. <br /> <br />Employee Award Eligibility <br /> <br /> All current City of Newport Beach full time and part time <br />employees, actively in the workplace, are eligible to receive awards with the exception <br />of Department Directors, members of the City Council, members of appointed advisory <br />boards or commissions, and members of the Innovation/Improvement Incentive <br />Program Committee. <br />Subject Matter Eligibility <br /> <br /> All areas of activity within the City of Newport Beach are <br />eligible for Innovation/Improvement Incentive Program submission with the following <br />exceptions: <br />A. Personnel grievances <br /> <br />B. Matters within the scope of collective bargaining <br /> <br />C. Suggestions awarded in the prior three years <br /> <br />D. Matters that are a result of assigned or contracted audits, studies, surveys, <br />review, or other research projects <br /> <br />E. Enforcement of existing federal, state, or local rules, regulations and laws <br />including printed City policies, rules and procedures <br /> <br />F. Recommendations for purchase or replacement of parts from a different source <br />at a lesser price <br /> <br />G. Suggestions that would result in increased fees or costs to the City of Newport <br />Beach residents <br /> <br />H. Matters which are considered part of the normal job duties of the employee <br /> <br />