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D-6 <br />1 <br /> <br />SOCIAL MEDIA <br /> <br />PURPOSE <br />The City Council finds that it is necessary to provide a Council Policy to ensure that <br />City of Newport Beach employees and members of its boards, commissions and <br />committees utilize social media technologies properly when communicating on behalf <br />of the City. Social media applications include, but are not limited to, blogs, microblogs, <br />wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts, discussion forums and social networking websites. <br />Messages and content posted on social media platforms may constitute speech on <br />behalf of the City, but such speech takes place on a non-City venue. Therefore, the City <br />Council finds and intends that speech posted on social media platform venues by City <br />representatives, and comments by the public posted on social media platform venues in <br />response, do not create a public forum or limited public forum on any portion of the <br />City‟s websites, equipment or other such City property. <br />A. Usage <br />The City of Newport Beach‟s website ( shall be the <br />City‟s primary and predominant internet presence. Use of social media shall <br />only serve as an enhancement to the City‟s official website. Therefore, <br />information and communications should be organized in a manner that avoids <br />the posting of duplicative or conflicting information. <br />Social media sites created on behalf of the City of Newport Beach must first be <br />approved by the City Manager‟s Office and appropriate Department Head. <br />1. Only those authorized by the City Manager or their Department Head to <br />speak on behalf of the City and convey information regarding City <br />programs, projects, policies or any other such City business on social <br />media platforms may communicate on the City‟s behalf on the subject of <br />City matters on any social media platform. This includes initiating <br />statements on, or responding to comments received from, various social <br />media outlets in any manner that members of the public might perceive as <br />a statement on behalf of the City of Newport Beach. <br />2. City employees or members of a board, committee or commission wishing <br />to express their personal points of view on a social media platform may <br />only do so on their own time and are prohibited from utilizing City- <br />owned equipment or technology to participate in social media platforms.