Laserfiche WebLink
D-6 <br />2 <br /> <br />If, on their own time and equipment, a City employee comments about a <br />City matter or issue on a social media platform, they should identify <br />themselves as being affiliated with the City and clearly indicate that the ir <br />opinions and statements are their own and are not the representations of <br />the City of Newport Beach. City employees shall follow the City of <br />Newport Beach Social Media Guidelines. <br /> <br />3. All use of social media by any City department, board, committee or <br />commission on behalf of the City of Newport Beach must be approved by <br />the City Manager‟s Office and comply with the following: <br />a. Representatives of the City of Newport Beach utilizing social media <br />shall, at all times, conduct themselves in an appropriate and <br />professional manner. <br />b. No City employee shall host a blog on any City-owned equipment <br />or website without prior, written consent from the City Manager, <br />Department Director and the IT Division. <br />c. Social media platforms may be accessed from City equipment by <br />City employees only for purposes of work performed in the scope <br />of their employment. <br />d. City departments are responsible for establishing, publishing and <br />updating their pages on social networking websites. It is the <br />responsibility of each to ensure that their content is accurate and <br />current. <br /> <br />e. When City departments create pages on social networking sites, all <br />new urls must be shared with the City Manager‟s Office. Login <br />information, including user identification information and <br />passwords should be provided to the Department Director and the <br />City Manager‟s Office. Passwords must be secure. <br /> <br />f. All social media accounts must be set up with a City email account. <br />Social media accounts must be identified as belonging to the City of <br />Newport Beach. <br /> <br />g. When possible, social networking comments and content should <br />contain web links directing the viewer to the City of Newport <br />Beach‟s official website for more information. <br /> <br />