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F -22 • <br />E. To be nominated for the award, the recommended employee should be a role <br />model for all City employees. The Award Committee's evaluation will be based <br />upon work performed and /or organizational contributions made during the <br />current calendar year. <br />F. Specific employee traits which should be considered during the selection process <br />are: <br />Initiative - The nominee is a self - starter, willing to originate action without <br />instruction, and to introduce new ideas and ways to provide public services. <br />Integrity - The nominee steadfastly adheres to an ethical code that reflects the <br />values of the organization. <br />Dependability - The nominee is reliable and trustworthy; a dependable person <br />that encourages confidence about his /her support and follow- through. <br />ud ment - The nominee is able to perceive, distinguish, evaluate, and form <br />sound opinions after due consideration and deliberation. • <br />Cooperation - The nominee is able to accomplish his /her job tasks while <br />establishing cooperative working relationships with other City employees and <br />the public, based on sensitivity to the needs of others and concern for the <br />common good. <br />Adopted - January, 21, 1994 <br />Amended - February 27,1995 <br />Amended - February 24,1997 <br />Amended — March 22, 1999 <br />Formerly J -4 <br />2 •