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RETENTION OR REMOVAL OF CITY TREES <br />GOAL OF POLICY <br />G -1 <br />To establish and maintain appropriate diversity in tree species and age classes to <br />provide a stable and sustainable urban forest with an inventory that the City can <br />reasonably maintain in a healthy and non - hazardous condition. To require that in <br />approving any tree removal or reforestation request the PB &R Commission shall find <br />that the tree removal request will not adversely impact the overall inventory, diversity <br />and age of the City's Urban Forest. <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish definitive standards for the retention, removal, <br />maintenance, reforestation, tree trimming standards, and supplemental trimming of <br />City trees. City trees are an important part of the character and charm of the entire City <br />and provide environmental benefits as well. Regular care, trimming, root pruning, <br />maintenance, and programmed replacement are necessary to preserve this charm while <br />at the same time protecting views consistent with Council Policy G -3 and preventing <br />public and private property damage. <br />The City classifies public trees in one of three categories: Special Trees, Problem Trees, <br />and All Other Trees. <br />SPECIAL CITY TREES <br />It is the City's policy to retain City trees categorized as Landmark, Dedicated, or <br />Neighborhood trees, which have historical significance, and /or contribute to and give <br />character to a location or to an entire neighborhood. Landmark, Dedicated, and <br />Neighborhood trees are identified by species by Attachment 1, and shall hereinafter be <br />referred to as Special Trees. Trees within these categories shall be identified, mapped, <br />recorded and administered by staff for the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission <br />Commission'). The Commission shall review the Special Tree list on an as needed <br />basis and forward recommendations for additions or deletions to the City Council for <br />approval. <br />1