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Ll <br />RETENTION OR REMOVAL OF CITY TREES <br />G -1 <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish definitive standards for the retention, <br />removal, maintenance, reforestation, and supplemental trimming of City trees. <br />City street trees are an important part of the character and charm of certain <br />communities and regular care, trimming, maintenance and programmed <br />replacement are necessary to preserve this charm while protecting public and <br />private property. <br />SPECIAL CITY TREES <br />It is the City's policy to retain City trees categorized as landmark, dedicated, or <br />neighborhood trees which contribute to and give character to an entire <br />neighborhood. Landmark, dedicated, and neighborhood trees are identified on <br />Attachment 1, and shall hereinafter be referred to as Special Trees. Trees within <br />these categories shall be established, mapped, recorded and maintained by the <br />Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission ( "Commission "). <br />Special Trees shall be retained, unless there are exceptional problems which <br />require their removal. Prior to consideration for removal of Special Trees, the <br />General Services Director, or designee, shall prepare a report identifying and <br />implementing specific treatment to retain the tree(s). If specific treatment is <br />unsuccessful in retaining a tree(s) then a full report shall be made to the <br />Commission before any further action considering removal is taken. Prior to any <br />removal of Special Trees, the City must comply with the noticing provisions of <br />the Removal of City Trees section set forth in this policy. <br />During normal sidewalk, curb, and street repair activity requiring root pruning, <br />all steps will be taken to retain Special Trees. If tree roots are to be pruned in <br />association with hardscape improvements, sufficient timing in advance must be <br />planned to ensure that pruning will not destabilize or kill the tree. If both sides <br />of a tree's root are to be pruned, one side should be pruned a year in advance of <br />the other side. <br />ALL OTHER CITY TREES <br />It is the City's policy to retain all other City trees unless removal is necessary for <br />one of the following reasons: <br />0