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G-6 <br />MAINTENANCE AND PLANTING OF PARKWAY TREES <br />The City Council is vitally interested in beautification of City parkways. Public <br />cooperation in helping to develop and maintain healthy and attractive parkway trees is <br />encouraged. <br />MAINTENANCE OF PARKWAY TREES <br />The General Services Department will tr’wn the parkway trees on a rotation schedule. <br />An effort will be made to trim the parkway trees on less than a three-year cycle. If the <br />rotation trimming is completed in less than three years, more frequent trimming will be <br />performed on certain trees and in view areas. Public safety issues such as low branches <br />and heavy foliage will be given priority over view trimming. An effort will be made to <br />trim parkway trees located in heavy summer traffic areas during the fall and winter <br />months. The trimming schedule will be altered to avoid trimming streets with flowering <br />street trees during their blooming time. This will apply to streets having a large number <br />of flowering trees, not to one or two trees on a street. Annual trimming of certain <br />species of trees prone to wind damage will be done prior to the winter season. <br />TREE LIST <br />The City Council has adopted an official street tree list which will be used by the <br />General Services Department to determine species for planning purposes in all new <br />subdivisions and replacement in established parkways. The list, which is entitled Street <br />Tree Designation List, will be reviewed on an annual basis by the General Services <br />Department staff with any recommendations forwarded to the Parks, Beaches and <br />Recreation Commission for review before adoption of any recommendations by the <br />City Council. <br />STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR PLANTING PARKWAY TREES <br />A.General Requirements <br />72-hour notification shall be given to the General Services Department <br />staff prior to the initial installation of parkway trees for approval of <br />species, material quality, and planting supervision. 24-hour notice shall be <br />given prior to all subsequent inspections as required. <br />Relative position of parkway trees is subject to approval by the General <br />Services Department, and any tree not properly placed will be relocated at <br />1