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H -4 • <br />DORY FISHERMENS'FLEET - Page 2 <br />8. The dory sheds permitted within the designated boundaries are to <br />be used by the Dory Fishermen only for the storage of equipment <br />and supplies and are not to be used for temporary or permanent <br />housing occupancy. <br />9. There shall be a maximum of 20 dory storage sheds no larger than <br />10' by 10', with roof ridge heights not to exceed 9 feet. The <br />size, type of construction and architectural style shall be <br />developed with input from the dory fleet. <br />10. The Dory Fishermen will abide by all City ordinances and <br />California Boating Laws in the operation of their vessels near <br />the beach and surf zone where there are swimmers and surfers. <br />Dory vessels will ingress and egress immediately oceanward of <br />their designated beach zone. <br />11. The dory fishing fleet may designate a spokesperson to represent <br />their concerns and will meet with appropriate City department(s), <br />as designated by the City Manager to resolve conflicts of use and <br />safety problems. <br />Adopted - November 23, 1987 <br />0