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I -13 <br />0 MEDIAN LANDSCAPING DEVELOPMENTS ON PUBLIC CUL -DE -SACS <br />It shall be the policy of the City Council to permit construction of median landscaping <br />installations on public cul -de -sacs under the following set of conditions: <br />1. Detailed written plans must be prepared and submitted to the Parks, Beaches <br />and Recreation Director by the person or organization desiring to install <br />specific landscaping improvements. These plans shall: <br />a. Indicate the exact location where the installation is to be constructed. <br />b. Detail the specific design and materials to be used in the construction <br />of the median island and provide for the relocation of any existing <br />underground utilities which will interfere with the proposed work. <br />c. Provide for a separate water meter as a part of the landscape median <br />installation and indicate sprinkler system design. <br />d. Itemize the landscaping materials to be planted in the median island. <br />e. Allow for sufficient emergency vehicular movements. <br />f. Be reviewed and approved by both the Public Works and Parks, Beaches <br />and Recreation Directors. <br />2. Written support must be obtained from at least 75% of the homeowners of <br />the affected cul -de -sac circle in favor of the landscape installation to <br />be constructed which must accompany the proposed installation plans. This <br />approval must also reflect a commitment to assume all installation costs <br />and the maintenance of the landscape installation once installed, including <br />necessary water service. <br />3. If the landscape median is not maintained to the satisfaction of the Parks, <br />Beaches and Recreation Director, the persons or organization responsible <br />for installing the landscaped island will be so notified. If the Parks, <br />Beaches and Recreation Director determines that there has not been an <br />improvement in the maintenance within thirty days of such notification, <br />the City will have the median island removed and restored to its former <br />status as a full service street or remove the landscaping and pave the <br />curbed circle with asphalt. <br />Adopted - December 8, 1969 <br />Amended - March 9, 1970 <br />caffirmeJ — December 10, 1973 <br />Rea 7iray, 1 1, - - i i, u:: , 1974