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I -19 <br />MAINTENANCE AND PLANTING OF PARKWAY TREES <br />The City Council is vitally interested in beautification of City parkways. <br />Public cooperation in helping to develop and maintain healthy and <br />attractive trees is encouraged. <br />MAINTENANCE OF PARKWAY TREES <br />The Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department will trim the parkway trees <br />on a rotation schedule. An effort will be made to trim most of the <br />parkway trees on a two year cycle. If the rotation trimming is completed <br />in less than two years, more frequent trimming will be done on certain <br />trees and in view areas. Public safety such as low branches and heavy <br />foliage will be given priority over view trimming. An effort will be made <br />to trim parkway trees on the Peninsula and parts of Corona del Mar during <br />the fall and winter due to heavy traffic during the summer. Trimming <br />schedule will be altered to avoid trimming streets with flowering street <br />trees during their blooming time. This will apply to streets having a <br />large number of flowering trees, not to one or two trees on a street. <br />TREE LIST <br />The Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission has adopted an official tree <br />list which will be used by the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department to <br />determine species for planning purposes in all new subdivisions and <br />replacement in established parkways. <br />Botanical Name <br />Trachycarpus fortunel <br />Erythrina caffra <br />Eucalyptus citriodora <br />Eucalyptus ficifolia <br />Jacaranda acutifolia <br />Liquidambar styraciflua <br />Magnolia grandiflora <br />Pinus canariensis <br />Tristania conferta <br />Callistemon citrinus <br />Cupaniopsis anacardioides <br />Melaleuca leucadendra quinquenervia <br />Platanus acerifolia <br />Washingtonia robusta <br />Phoenix canariensis <br />Schinus molle <br />Eriobotrya deflexa <br />Metrosideros Tomentosa <br />Geijera Parvifolia <br />Ficus benjamina <br />Eucalyptus globulus <br />Eucalyptus rudis <br />Pyrus Calleryana <br />Common Name <br />Windmill Palm <br />Coral Tree <br />Lemon - scented Gum <br />Scarlet Eucalyptus <br />Jacaranda <br />American Sweet Gum <br />Southern Magnolia <br />Canary Pine <br />Brisbane Box <br />Lemon Bottlebrush <br />Cupania <br />Cajeput Tree <br />London Plane Tree <br />Mexican Fan Palm <br />Date Palm <br />California Pepper <br />Bronze Loquat <br />New Zealand Christmas Tree <br />Australian Willow <br />Weeping Fig <br />Blue Gum <br />Desert Gum <br />Bradford Pear