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I -19 <br />MAINTENANCE AND PLANTING OF PARKWAY TREES - Page Three <br />PARKWAY TREE PLANTING <br />A. All pits shall be dug with bottoms level, the width equal to two times <br />the diameter of the ball, and the bottom two times the depth of the <br />container from which the tree is planted. <br />B. Pits shall be backfilled with a thoroughly mixed "prepared soil" to the <br />bottom of the tree ball. When planting tablets are required, they shall <br />be placed after placing the tree ball in the pit. Five (21 gram) plant- <br />ing tablets shall be evenly spaced around perimeter of pit on top of <br />prepared soil. <br />Note: Where land developers are required to provide soil analysis, the <br />prepared soil backfill shall be based on test results. <br />C. When soil analysis is not a requirement, "prepared soil" mix for backfill <br />of the pits for 15- gallon trees shall consist of the following as supplied <br />by American Landscape Supply Co. (or approved equal): <br />a) 60% Fine Sand 028 conrock or equal) <br />b) 40% Nitrolized Fir Sawdust <br />c) 10# Agricultural Gypsum/ cu. yrd. of mix <br />d) 2# Iron 9blphate/ cu. yrd. of mix <br />e) 5 21 gram planting tablets per plant pit <br />Note: (1) Nitrolized Fir Sawdust shall have a minimum <br />nitrogen content of .7 %. <br />2) Planting tablets shall be a commercial fertilizer <br />in tablet form yielding 20% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus <br />and 5% potash. The tablet shall be compressed and <br />yield a slow release of nutrient over a 12 -month <br />period. <br />D. Set plants in cebter of pit, in vertical position, so that crown of <br />ball will be level with finish grade after allowing for watering and <br />settling and shall bear the same relationship to finish grade that it <br />did to soil surface in original place of growth. <br />E. Prepare a depressed water basin capable of holding 10 gallons of water. <br />Water shall be applied in that quantity at time of planting. <br />F. If houses and not occupied, trees shall be watered one week later. <br />Thereafter, watering shall be done at one week intervals by the <br />developer for a period of one year or until homes are occupied.