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COMMUNITY BEABTIFICATION <br />The City Council believes that it would be in the best interest of <br />the City and the developer to encourage utilizing the services <br />of a landscape architect simultaneously with the services of the <br />engineers, rather than after cutting and grading are final. <br />t <br />Strips of land dividing housing prpjects should be preserved as <br />green belts or open space wilderne$s areas. <br />Ravines and barrancas should be preserved to provide natural areas <br />of beautification. <br />Serious consideration must be given to using drought resistant <br />plant materials on slopes, green belts and natural areas to reduce <br />the amount of water necessary to maintain an aesthetic appearance. <br />A reduction in water consumption on all public and private areas <br />must be attained. <br />Where possible, some streets in residential developments should <br />run toward the ocean or Upper Bay to provide a view of the water. <br />Adopted - September 20, 1960 <br />Amended - October 26, 1976 <br />0 <br />I -2 <br />10/26/76