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PARK AND PARKWAY TREES - CRITERIA FOR RETENTION OR REMOVAL - Page 2 <br />Application of the criteria on parkway trees will be conducted by <br />the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Department in coordination with the <br />Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission. In applying the criteria <br />other departments of the City will be consulted as necessary. If <br />there is any conflict between the application of the criteria and <br />established standards of the City which cannot be resolved at staff <br />and Commission level; final resolution will be determined by the <br />City Council. <br />When a tree is removed from the parkway for the sole benefit of the <br />adjacent property owner, the property owner will be responsible for <br />the cost of removal. Removal must still be done in accordance with <br />City approvals. <br />i/ <br />L! <br />Adopted - May 9, 1966 <br />Reaffirmed - August 30, 1966 <br />Amended - August 14, 1967 <br />Reaffirmed - November 12, 1968