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J -3 <br />The decision of the review board shall be communicated directly to the employee. A • <br />letter of recognition for all ideas will be forwarded to the department for insertion into <br />the employee's personnel file. <br />Employee Award Eligibility - All employees are eligible to receive awards with the <br />exception of Department Directors, Administrative Managers, IDEA review board <br />members, or employees or anyone whose primary responsibility is to analyze City <br />operations and make recommendations for improvement on those operations. <br />Subject Matter Eligibility - All areas of activity within the City of Newport Beach are <br />eligible for IDEA submission with the following exceptions: <br />1. Subjects currently under study by management <br />2. Stricter enforcement of existing rules or procedures. <br />3. Ideas previously awarded for a similar application at another time. <br />Time Period Eligibility - Any employee who submits an idea retains the right to any <br />award during the period of time that the idea is being evaluated, plus an additional • <br />twelve months from the date of notification that the idea was rejected or deferred for <br />further investigation. An employee must submit an additional IDEA form requesting <br />to extend the eligibility for award beyond the twelve month period. <br />Patent Protection - Ideas which involve patentable or non - patentable inventions shall be <br />eligible for awards. If an idea results in patent rights, the ownership of those rights <br />will, in most cases, belong to the employee. Patent rights become the property of the <br />City if the invention was developed during City working hours or within the course <br />and scope of the employees job duties or responsibilities with the City (contract for <br />hire). Submission of an idea as part of this program shall constitute an <br />acknowledgement by the employee that the City will be permitted to use the patentable <br />idea without cost to the City. <br />Criteria for Judging Suggestions - Ideas that result in one of the following outcomes <br />will have the greatest chance of adoption: <br />2