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EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR <br />THE DOROTHY PALEN AWARD) <br />J-4 <br />The Dorothy Palen Award will be awarded annually. to the City employee who <br />best exemplifies the characteristics of its first recipient; Dorothy Palen This <br />employee must demonstrate, over the 1 -o-n -g hall, the characteristics of <br />dependability, loyalty, honesty, industry, adaptability, accuracy, creativity, and <br />compassion. <br />PROCEDURE: <br />A nomination committee of three department heads shall be established to <br />develop two or more nominees for consideration from whom one shall be <br />selected for the award. The committee ,• shall be comprised of the Personnel <br />Director and two other department directors appointed by the City Manager. In <br />October of each year, the Personnel Director will solicit recommendations from <br />all City employees for nominations. All recommendations must be accompanied <br />with written justification which specifies how the employee meets the criteria <br />stated above. In November of each year, the nominations committee will <br />consider all of the recommendations brought forward from employees as well as <br />any individuals who they deem to be deserving of consideration. Two or more <br />employee's names shall be presented to the senior management staff, at the first <br />management staff meeting each December. The award shall be presented to the <br />employee who receives the plurality of votes cast by the senior management staff <br />present at that meeting. The a and shall be presented personally to the selected <br />employee by the Mayor at the first City Council meeting in January of each year. <br />Adopted - 1/24/94