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I <br />K -1 • <br />been approved by the Planning Commission, the City Council shall <br />consider the recommendation of the Planning Commission. If the <br />City Council intends to make major changes and take an action not <br />considered by the Planning Commission, the changes shall be <br />referred back to the Planning Commission for its recommendation. <br />Planning Commission consideration of an alternative shall be <br />construed liberally so as to allow the City Council to act on any one <br />of a range of alternatives generally considered by the Planning <br />Commission. It shall not be necessary for the Planning Commission <br />to hold a public hearing on changes or additions referred back by <br />the City Council. Failure of the planning Commission to report back <br />to the City Council within forty (40) days of referral shall constitute <br />Planning Commission approval of the proposed changes. <br />E. Adoption by City Council - Resolution. The adoption of the General <br />Plan or any part or element thereof, or any amendment to such plan <br />or any part or element thereof, shall be by resolution. <br />AMENDMENT PROCEDURES (GENERAL PLAN) <br />A. Amendment to the General Plan shall be initiated by the City • <br />Council after recommendation from the Planning Commission <br />during the months of February, June and October. <br />B. In initiating action to amend the General Plan, the City Council shall <br />direct the Planning Commission to set public hearings for such <br />amendments as it deems appropriate. <br />C. Prior to making its recommendation on the initiation of proposed <br />General Plan amendments, the Planning Commission may do such <br />research as it deems necessary to establish whether the proposed <br />amendment warrants consideration. <br />D. A citizen and /or property owner may request an amendment to the <br />General Plan. Such request shall be submitted in writing to the <br />Planning Commission a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the <br />month during which proposed amendments are to be initiated. The <br />request should clearly set forth the reason for which the request is <br />made, and should contain information substantiating the need. <br />When an amendment is requested for a specific parcel or parcels in <br />the City, the request must be made by the property owner or his or <br />her authorized representative or by the Planning Commission or • <br />City Council.