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K-11 <br />TEMPORARY SIGNAGE FOR CITY -SPONSORED, CO-SPONSORED OR FOR NON- <br />PROFIT AND CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS AND EVENTS <br />Purpose <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish definitive standards and to set forth City policy <br />concerning the administration, control and placement of temporary off-site and on-site <br />signs, which recognize City -sponsored, co-sponsored or charitable organizations and <br />events at various locations or facilities within our community. It is not the desire of the <br />City Council to promote a facility, event, or activity that is not located within the <br />community. <br />The Zoning Code prohibits signs with off-site commercial messages in all zoning <br />districts. It is the desire of the City Council, however, to obviate that process by <br />recognizing and allowing the use of temporary off-site and temporary on-site banners <br />for appropriate organizations and their activities. <br />In cases involving City -sponsored, co-sponsored or charitable organizations there is a <br />need to allow for the placement of temporary off-site or on-site banners. Therefore, if a <br />nexus exists between the location of the event or facility and the location of the off-site <br />or on-site sign, then it would be the City Council's desire to allow such off-site or on-site <br />signage through the securing and approval of a temporary sign permit. <br />Policy <br />It is the policy of the City Council to allow temporary off-site or on-site signage on <br />public property for City -sponsored, co-sponsored or charitable organizations and <br />events at various locations or facilities within the community subject to the following <br />standards: <br />• The size of the sign shall not exceed 100 square feet in area. <br />• The temporary sign shall be allowed to remain in place for a period not to exceed <br />90 days. <br />• One temporary sign per site shall be allowed. <br />• The event being promoted shall be for an event within the City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />Signs shall not be placed within the City by out -of -area promoters or by any other <br />organization, charitable or other otherwise, without first having obtained a Temporary <br />Sign Permit. <br />Additionally, no person shall place, maintain, or display upon or in view of any <br />highway or street any unofficial sign, signal or device or any sign, signal or device <br />H <br />