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K-3 <br />IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURES FOR THE <br />CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT <br />A. Intent. <br />The intent of this policy statement is to protect the environment of the City of <br />Newport Beach, to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act <br />(“CEQA”), and to implement the basic principles, objectives, and criteria <br />contained in the Guidelines adopted by the Secretary for Resources pursuant to <br />the provisions of CEQA, as amended. <br />These implementation procedures are intended to satisfy the requirements of <br />Section 15022 of the CEQA Guidelines, and are designed to be used in <br />conjunction with the CEQA statutes and Guidelines. In the event that any <br />provision of this policy is found to be inconsistent with CEQA, the Guidelines or <br />case law, this policy shall be revised to comply with applicable law. <br />B. Definitions. <br />As used in this policy statement, the following definitions shall apply: <br />1. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) means Public Resources Code, <br />Sections 21000 et seq., as amended. <br />2. CEQA Guidelines means the "Guidelines for Implementation of the <br />California Environmental Quality Act", prepared by the Secretary for <br />Resources. <br /> <br />3. Community Development Director means the Community Development <br />Director for the City of Newport Beach or his/her designee. <br />4. Decision Making-Body or Review Authority means the officer or body that <br />has the authority to review and approve a project or application under <br />Title 20 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code, including, but not limited <br />to, the Community Development Director, Zoning Administrator, Hearing <br />Officer, Planning Commission, or City Council. <br />5. All definitions contained in CEQA and the Guidelines shall also apply to <br />this policy statement. <br />