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K -5 <br />ARCHAEOLOGICAL GUIDELINES <br />I. GENERAL POLICY. <br />The policies set forth below shall be used to guide the development or <br />redevelopment of lands within the City: <br />A. The City shall, through its planning policies and permit conditions, <br />insure the preservation of significant archaeological resources and <br />require that the impact caused by any development be mitigated in <br />accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. <br />B. The City shall prepare and maintain sources of information <br />regarding archaeological sites and the names and addresses of <br />responsible organizations and qualified individuals who can <br />analyze, classify, record, and preserve archaeological findings. <br />C. If determined to be necessary by the Environmental Coordinator, it <br />shall be the responsibility of a landowner or developer prior to the <br />commencement of land development to cause the proposed site to be <br />examined to determine the existence and extent of archaeological <br />resources. The examination shall be by qualified observers, <br />approved by the City. The observers shall prepare and submit to the <br />City a written report describing findings and making <br />recommendations for further action. The report shall discuss both <br />positive and negative aspects of the effects of the proposed <br />development on archaeological resources. The report shall be <br />considered as part of the CEQA review process and, if appropriate, <br />the recommendations shall be included as mitigation measures and <br />conditions of approval for the project. <br />D. Based on the report and recommendations of the observers, the City <br />shall take such steps as are necessary to assure that any findings or <br />sites are recorded, preserved and protected. These steps may <br />include requiring the landowner or developers to incur reasonable <br />expenditures of time or money, encouraging the involvement of <br />appropriate volunteer or non -profit organizations or acquisition of <br />the sites by public or private agencies. Provision shall be made for <br />the deposit of scientifically valuable archaeological materials which <br />are removed from the site with responsible public or private <br />institutions. In all cases, the City shall seek responsible scientific