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PALEONTOLOGICAL GUIDELINES -- Page 2 . K -5 <br />a <br />B. Prior to the commencement of any land alterations, the City shall <br />determine whether a pre - grading conference is required. This <br />determination shall be based on an analysis of the potential of a <br />paleontological discovery occurring as follows: <br />1. If the City determines that it is unlikely to <br />assume any paleontological discovery would <br />occur, a pre - grading conference may be waived. <br />2. Otherwise, the pre - grading conference shall be <br />required. <br />C. During the pre - grading conference, the City shall insure the <br />following: <br />1. That a responsible organization, e.g., the Natural <br />History Foundation of Orange County, is notified <br />and that a qualified representative is authorized <br />to participate in the conference. <br />2. That the grading schedule provides for identifi- <br />cation and avoidance of resource discoveries to <br />allow their immediate recovery. <br />3. That a qualified observer or collector is available <br />to monitor the site during grading operations. <br />4. That a copy of the grading schedule is available <br />to the appropriate parties, including the on -site <br />observer. <br />5. That the observer has adequate authority to insti- <br />tute temporary delays or alterations in the grading <br />schedule to allow collection of paleontological material. <br />6. That the grading contractor clearly understands <br />the observer's role and authority. <br />7. That the responsible parties are notified and <br />ready on a 24 -hour notice to respond if a <br />resource discovery is uncovered. <br />8. That adequate insurance has been provided for <br />protection of the observer, the property <br />owner, and the developer. <br />9. That, in the event any paleontological materials <br />having scientific value are discovered, reasonable <br />provisions are made for extraction and preservation. <br />Adopted - August 26, 1974 <br />Reaffirmed - November 11, 1974