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COMMERCIAL USES IN RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS <br />K -6 <br />For the purpose of interpreting what is meant by "commercial uses" in the residential areas, <br />the City Council finds that as a matter of policy said term shall be defined as follows: <br />1. Those activities which are pursued in a residential district for pecuniary gain <br />by an art or profession by the offering of a service, or by the conduct of a <br />business which is related to or connected with trade, traffic or commerce. <br />2. Those business activities employing personnel and involving direct contact <br />between individuals in furtherance of commercial transactions <br />3. Those business activities where there may be the production, manufacture, <br />storage, display or sale of equipment and/or merchandise on the property <br />and signing advertising the business. <br />4. Those business activities which generally disturb or alter the residential <br />character of the neighborhood because of their unsightliness; because they <br />cause offensive noise, odor or vibration; because they interfere with radio or <br />television reception, or because they generate unwarranted customer and <br />vehicle traffic and parking problems. <br />The following activities as a matter of policy are found not to be within the definition of <br />what constitutes a "commercial use" within a residential district and therefore are permitted, <br />subject to obtaining a business license from the Finance Director and subject to all other <br />State and local laws and ordinances: <br />Those activities which are accessory or incidental to and secondary to the <br />residential use of a dwelling and do not change the principal character or use <br />of the dwelling. <br />2. Those artistic or creative writing activities which result in the creation of a <br />product or manuscript which is normally sold or traded at some location <br />away from the residential area. <br />Those activities involving mail orders or telephone solicitation which are <br />conducted by mail and telephone only. <br />4. Those activities conducted in conjunction with businesses or professions <br />whose principal offices are in a business district but which are carried over <br />into the home as a matter of personal convenience and necessity.