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K -9 • <br />F. The City Council believes that nuisance -type violations (such as noise, trash <br />violations, fire hazards, unlawful encroachments, unruly conduct, and more) and <br />Building Code violations like illegal construction and illegal dwelling units <br />significantly and adversely impact a neighborhood's ability to quietly enjoy their <br />community. As such, Code Enforcement Officers are encouraged to pursue <br />violations aggressively with limited grace periods for compliance, limited use of <br />authorization of additional time after a grace period closes, and full and prompt <br />use of the Newport Beach Municipal Code's monetary fine and civil and criminal <br />penalty authorizations; and <br />G. The provisions of this Policy do not apply to inspections of property requested <br />by the owner or to inspections conducted by the Building Department personnel <br />pursuant to construction being conducted, which is authorized, pursuant to an <br />active permit issued by the Building Department. <br />Adopted - June 26,1995 <br />Amended — October 10, 2006 <br />Amended — July 10, 2007 <br />L J <br />2 •