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L -11 <br />CONVERSION OF PUBLIC STREETS TO PRIVATE STREETS - Page Two <br />5. In a situation where the streets abut, numerous parcels under separate <br />ownerships, as compared to a situation where the street abuts a common <br />area owned by the community association, a binding agreement and grant <br />deed from each abuting owner will be required. The agreement and deed <br />will provide for the owner to deed the street to the association immedi- <br />ately upon vacation by the City. These agreements and deeds are to be <br />prepared by the attorney for the community association, processed by the <br />association, and executed prior to the public hearing on the vacation. <br />6. Prepare plans for guard gates and entrance modifications contemplated to <br />restrict future access. These will need to meet the requirements of the <br />Public Works Department, Fire Department, General Services Department, <br />and Police Department. <br />7. City to prepare necessary environmental documentation at association <br />and /or sponsor's expense. <br />8. City will contact various utilities to determine what rights they wish <br />to reserve when the street is vacated. <br />9. All completed legal documents are to be submitted to City Attorney for <br />approval. <br />10. Provide City with a current list with names and addresses of all property <br />owners affected by the vacation. <br />11. If street to be vacated is in the Coastal Zone, a Coastal Permit must be <br />applied for and obtained prior to setting the date for the public hearing <br />on the vacation. . <br />12. Schedule for City Council consideration the adoption of a resolution of <br />intent to vacate and a map for the area to be vacated. <br />13. City Council adopts a resolution of intention to vacate and a map showing <br />the area to be vacated and schedules a public hearing for vacation. <br />14. City mails notices (in stamped, addressed envelopes provided by community <br />association) to all affected property owners. <br />15. City Council holds public hearing on vacation. If the City Council finds, <br />from all evidence submitted, that the street is unnecessary for present or <br />prospective public use, the City Council may adopt a resolution vacating <br />the street subject to whatever conditions the Council wishes to place on <br />the vacation. These conditions may include reservation of various utility <br />easements as well as the right to declare the street public if at some time <br />in the future, insurance and bonds lapse or the community association ceases <br />to exist. <br />16. Bonds shall be posted to cover construction of entrance improvements and any <br />other improvements conditioned by the City Council. <br />17. All necessary fully executed legal documents are filed with the County Clerk. <br />18. After all conditions imposed by the City Council have been fulfilled and <br />all legal ducuments are filed, the resolution of vacation will be filed <br />with the County Clerk's office and vacation is completed. • <br />Adopted - November 22, 1982