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L-3 <br />CITY LANDSCAPING RESTORATION IN CON|UNCTION WITH <br />PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION PRO|ECTS <br />Public Works contracts will provide that where any beautified City property area <br />becomes marred or damaged as a result of the construction work, the contractor shall <br />restore both irrigation and landscaping to its former condition, and also avoid any <br />unnecessary destruction to adjacent plant material. <br />The General Services Department shall be notified immediately of any problems to <br />City-owned property caused by construction work. All repairs will be performed in a <br />timely manner by qualified personnel under the direction and inspection of the Public <br />Works Inspector. The contractor shall be held liable for any problems occurring or <br />associated, as a result of the original damage. <br />Adopted - April 11, 1966 <br />Amended - October 26,1976 <br />Amended - January 24,1994