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L-9 <br />Drainage systems, surface and underground, that collect runoff primarily <br />from the area are to become private. <br />o Other services and facilities, as determined by the City Council, are to <br />become a private responsibility. <br />The following is to be designated as a public responsibility: <br />1.Police and fire protection. <br />2.Refuse collection, as provided in the Municipal Code. <br />3.Water and wastewater (sewer) service. <br />Public utility easements are to be retained for the use of public utilities, <br />such as electrical, telecommunications, cable TV, and gas. <br />Other services and facilities, as determined by the City Council, are to <br />remain a public responsibility. Systems and services, such as streeflights, <br />will be considered separately and the system or service will remain public <br />if it can be shown it is in the best public interest for the system or service <br />to remain public. In making this determination, the City Council will take <br />into consideration the impact of privatizing these services and facilities on <br />the overall privafization effort being considered and make the finding that <br />it is in the best interest of the City for the facility to remain public or be <br />converted to a private responsibility. <br />Send a letter to the Public Works Department requesting the City to consider the <br />vacation of the public streets in order to convert them to private streets. The <br />letter shall be accompanied by a filing fee to cover administrative costs of the <br />City. <br />Public Works Department submits a request to the City Council to obtain <br />approval in concept and authorization to work with the community association <br />towards the goal of vacating the street. <br />If no formal community association exists, one must be created and empowered <br />to: <br />Accept the street rights-of-way when the street is vacated by the City.