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Q -1 • <br />GENERAL PLAN Page 2 <br />6/23/80 <br />II. MANNER OF AMENDMENT. <br />A. Amendments to the General Plan may be initiated by either <br />the City Council or the Planning Commission. <br />B. In initiating action to amend the General Plan, the City <br />Council may direct the Planning Commission to set public <br />hearings for such amendments as it feels should be <br />considered. The Planning Commission shall, at the direc- <br />tion of the Council, or may in its own discretion, set <br />proposed amendments for public hearing in the manner <br />prescribed by State law. <br />C. Prior to initiating any amendment, the Planning Commission <br />may do such research as it deems necessary to establish <br />whether the proposed amendment warrants consideration. <br />D. A citizen and /or property owner may request an amendment <br />to the General Plan. Such request shall be submitted in <br />writing to the Planning Commission a minimum of One Hundred • <br />Sixty (160) days prior to the month for which public hearings <br />are scheduled. The request should clearly set forth the <br />reason for which the request is made, and should contain <br />information substantiating the need. If the Planning Comm- <br />ission, after examination, is convinced that the proposed <br />change is worthy-of consideration, it may initiate amend- <br />ment as set forth above. If not, the Commission shall <br />forward the request to the City Council with its recommend- <br />ation that consideration of amendment is unwarranted. City <br />Council, after consideration of the request and of the report <br />from the Planning Commission, may either direct the Commission <br />to initiate public hearings on the proposed amendment, or <br />may return the request to the originator without further <br />action. <br />E. Public hearings for the General Plan shall be held not more <br />than three ,times a year, beginning in the months of February, <br />June and October. <br />Adopted - April 22, 1974 <br />Reaffirmed - November 11, 1974 • <br />Amended - June 23, 1980