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Q-1 <br />qGENERAL PLAN <br />1. MANNER OF ADOPTION AND AMENDMENT. The General Plan or any part or element <br />thereof, and any amendment to such plan or any part or element thereof, <br />shall be adopted in the following manner: <br />A. Public Hearing - Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall <br />hold at least one public hearing before approving a General Plan or <br />any part or element thereof, or any amendment to such plan or any <br />part or element thereof, and shall give notice of hearing by at least <br />one publication in a newspaper of general circulation within the City, <br />and mailed notice to any community association which may be impacted <br />by a proposed amendment, as determined by the Planning Director, or <br />to any individual or community association which has expressed an <br />interest in a proposed amendment and requested mailed notice, at least <br />ten days prior to the first,of such hearings. <br />B. Approval by Planning Commission - Resolution. The approval by the <br />Planning Commission of the General Plan or any part or element thereof, <br />or any amendment to such blan or any part or element thereof, shall be <br />by the adoption of a resolution, endorsed by the Chairman and Secretary <br />of the Commission and transmitted to the City Council. <br />C. Public Hearing - City buncil. Before adopting the General Plan or any <br />part or element there or any amendment to such plan or any part or <br />element thereof, the (pity Council shall hold at least one public hearing. <br />Notice of the time an$ place of the hearing shall be given at the time <br />and in the manner provided for the giving of notice of the hearing by <br />the Planning Commission. <br />D. Referral of Proposep Changes Back to Planning Commission. In adopting <br />E. <br />a General Plan or eny part or element thereof, or any amendment to such <br />plan or any part qk element thereof, which has been approved by the <br />Planning Commission, the City Council shall consider the recommendation <br />of the Planning Qommission. If the City Council intends to make major <br />changes and take >an action not considered by the Planning Commission, <br />the changes shall be referred back to the Planning Commission for its <br />recommendation. Planning Commission consideration of an alternative <br />shall be constr #ed liberally so as to allow the City Council to act on <br />any one of a r4nge of alternatives generally considered by the Planning <br />Commission. I shall not be necessary for the Planning Commission to <br />hold a public <br />I f <br />on changes or additions referred back by the <br />City Council./ Failure of the Planning Commission to report back to <br />the City Couxtil within forty (40) days of referral shall constitute <br />Planning Commission approval of the proposed changes. <br />City Council - R <br />Plan oral part of element <br />any part yf element thereof, <br />esolution. The adoption of the General <br />thereof, or any amendment to such plan or <br />shall be by resolution.