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RESOLUTION NO. HO2016-001 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF A HEARING OFFICER OF THE CITY <br /> OF NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING REASONABLE <br /> ACCOMODATION NO. RA2015-002 FOR THE PROPERTY <br /> LOCATED AT 806 HARBOR ISLAND DRIVE (PA2015-202) <br /> THE HEARING OFFICER OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH HEREBY FINDS AS <br /> FOLLOWS: <br /> SECTION 1. STATEMENT OF FACTS. <br /> 1. An application was filed by Eric Papa, representing property owner, Vincent <br /> McGuinness, with respect to property located at 806 Harbor Island Drive, and <br /> legally described as Lot 7 of Tract 3867, being a Subdivision of a portion of Block <br /> 94 of Irvine's Subdivision as shown on a map thereof, recorded in Book 1, Page 88, <br /> of Miscellaneous Record Maps, Records of Orange County, and a portion of <br /> Bayside Drive as abandoned per Book 9568 Page 719 and Book 10126 Page 349 <br /> Official Records, Records of Orange County, California. The applicant requests <br /> approval of a reasonable accommodation for relief from certain zoning provisions <br /> that interfere with his use of his residence due to a disability as set forth more fully - <br /> below. <br /> 2. The applicant has submitted a reasonable accommodation request seeking relief <br /> from the Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) Section 20.40.090 (Parking <br /> Standards for Residential Uses) to remove one parking space and allow an <br /> elevator to be constructed within the required parking area of a non-conforming <br /> 2-car garage. The elevator is requested to provide access to the second floor of <br /> the residence for an individual with a disability. <br /> 3. The subject property is located within the R-1 (Single-Unit Residential) Zoning <br /> District and the General Plan Land Use Element category is RS-D (Single-Unit <br /> Residential Detached). <br /> ,r <br /> 4. The subject property is located within the coastal zone and the Coastal Land Use <br /> Designation is RSD-B (Single Unit Residential Detached). <br /> 5. Chapter 20.52.070 (Reasonable Accommodations) of the Newport Beach <br /> Municipal Code (NBMC) provides reasonable accommodation from the City's <br /> zoning and land use regulations, policies, and practices when needed to provide <br /> an individual with any disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. <br /> 6. A public hearing was held on February 23, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., in the Corona del <br /> Mar Conference Room (Bay E-1st Floor) at 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport <br /> Beach. A notice of time, place and purpose of the meeting was given in <br /> accordance with the Newport Beach Municipal Code. Evidence, both written and <br /> oral, was presented to, and considered by, the Hearing Officer at this meeting. <br />