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thoroughness and commitment to excellence have never changed, our approaches have <br />evolved with the times. <br />■ Focused — Accepting only a limited number of recruitments, we are able to provide senior <br />level, hands on service of the highest quality. From ascertaining our client's needs, to <br />identifying and recruiting qualified candidates, and extensively verifying background <br />information, the work is conducted by senior level consultants with numerous years of <br />experience and judgment. <br />Clients — Our consultants have worked for organizations of all sizes, both urban and rural, <br />and in virtually every state in the nation, including the District of Columbia. And, we have <br />conducted recruitments in all functional areas within the public sector. A substantial number <br />of our clients have hired us multiple times over a span of many years (including one <br />California county which hired us over 40 separate times). While at the present time our <br />clients are limited to California, we are capable of conducting local/regional, statewide or <br />nationwide recruitments. <br />■ Partnership — We work in conjunction with our clients to help find the right candidates. It is <br />very much a team effort. We work closely with boards/councils, chief executives, department <br />heads and human resources executives to ensure a successful outcome. And, we <br />communicate regularly with our clients and candidates throughout the process. <br />■ Industry Relations — Because of both the breadth and depth of our experience, we have <br />garnered a network of relationships with industry leaders. We are discreet, but thorough, in <br />sourcing potential candidates and verifying credentials. <br />Proactive — We do not want to overlook candidates who are not actively seeking a new <br />position and may not be looking at advertisements, or who come from non-traditional <br />sources. We have a database of many individuals who may be a good fit, but we also do new <br />research for every recruitment we undertake to ensure that we are targeting those people who <br />will best meet our client's needs. Not only do we send brochures with letters inviting <br />potential candidates to apply, we follow up by telephone to encourage their interest and to <br />make sure they have a clear understanding of the opportunity. We believe that there is no <br />substitute for personal contact. <br />■ Confuientiality — Many of the best qualified candidates are reluctant to apply for a potential <br />new opportunity due to concerns about confidentiality. We place great emphasis on this with <br />our clients, and do everything within our ability to keep candidate names confidential, where <br />allowed by law. <br />■ Divers — Since the beginning, our consultants have had a commitment to diversity in <br />recruiting. Norm Roberts placed the first person of color as City Manager of a large city, and <br />has continued to recruit and place well-qualified candidates in all areas of the public sector. <br />Thorough Evaluations — We do not ask for a blanket list of references from candidates. We <br />are very specific in asking for reference names to ensure that we get a complete picture about <br />a candidate's background. It is also important to know how and what to ask, and our <br />consultants have numerous years of experience in this area. Our background checks are very <br />thorough, including a review of news articles, degree/certification verifications and <br />credit/criminal/civil litigation/motor vehicle record checks. <br />Page 2 of 7 <br />11-32 <br />