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December 4, 2018 <br />NEWPORT BEACH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />PROJECT TENTATIVE MEETING SCHEDULEx <br />December 6 Planning Commission (4:00 p.m. start) <br />1. <br />Newport Crossings at 1701 Corinthian Way (study session) (PA2017-107) — Jaime <br />District 3 <br />2. <br />E Art Gallery MUP for tattoo at 2721 E Coast Hwy (PA2018-177) — Chelsea <br />District 6 <br />3. <br />Harbor Pointe Senior Living at 101 Bayview Place (PA2015-210) — Ben <br />District 3 <br />December 11 City Council <br />December 12-14 Coastal Commission (Newport Beach) <br />1. <br />Major LCP Clean-up Amendment (Shoreline Height Limit, Shoreline Protective Devices, <br />Coastal Zone <br />CDP process) — Patrick <br />December 13 Zoning Administrator <br />1. <br />Szigeti Residence CDP/TPM for condos at 211 32nd Street (PA2018-110) — David <br />District 1 <br />2. <br />Finley Tract Resident Parking Permit Program (RP3) CDP — Jim <br />District 1 <br />3. <br />Jones Lot Merger and CDP at 215-219 Evening Star Ln. (PA2018-234) — David <br />District 3 <br />4. <br />Grimm Residence CDP at 1610 South Bay Front (PA2018-218) — Chelsea <br />District 5 <br />5. <br />Clay Street Modification Permit at 3117 Clay Street (PA2018-160) — Liz <br />District 2 <br />6. <br />Sloan Residence at 1134 E Balboa Blvd (PA2018-149) — Chelsea <br />District 1 <br />December 20 Planning Commission (cancelled) <br />January <br />3 Planning Commission <br />January <br />8 City Council <br />1. <br />General Plan Update (study session) — Seimone, Jim and Ben <br />Citywide <br />2. <br />ADU ordinance introduction for Title 20 and 21 amendments (public hearing) — Jaime <br />Coastal Zone <br />3. <br />Small Cell Telecom Agreement— Lauren <br />Citywide <br />January <br />10 Zoning Administrator <br />1. <br />Stavros CDP/TPM for condos at 1034 West Balboa Boulevard (PA2018-147) — David <br />District 1 <br />2. <br />Newport Beach Country Club Golf Club located at 1600 E. Coast Hwy. DA Annual <br />District 5 <br />Review (PA2016-094) — Ros <br />January <br />15 General Plan Update Meeting (6:00 p.m. Civic Center Community Room) <br />1. <br />Share open scope, timeline, steering committee, planned outreach, consultant and RFP <br />Citywide <br />and selection, seek input <br />January <br />16 Balboa Village Advisory Committee (Marina Park) <br />1. <br />Update implementation plan matrix— Ben <br />District 1 <br />January <br />17 Planning Commission <br />1. <br />Policy L-6 waiver for encroachment permit at 3100 Breakers Drive —Dave Keely (PW) <br />District 6 <br />2. <br />Policy L-6 waiver Fischer Residence at 3725 Ocean Blvd. —Abby Cooke (PW) <br />District 6 <br />3. <br />Hoag Development Agreement Extension —Jim <br />District 2 <br />January <br />22 City Council <br />1. <br />Planning and Adapting to Coastal Flooding (LCP and FEMA) (study session) — <br />Coastal Zone <br />Patrick, Makana, Jaime and Samir <br />2. <br />Short -Term Lodging Update (study session) — Brian <br />Citywide <br />3. <br />ADU Ordinances 2nd Reading (consent) — Jaime <br />Citywide <br />4. <br />Flood Plain Management Ordinance Introduction (new business) — Samir <br />Citywide <br />The tentative schedule is a tool to assist in the preparation of future agendas. It does not provide a <br />complete description of projects and it does not list all projects currently under review that could be <br />scheduled. The tentative schedule subject to change without notice. <br />