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Appeal Application <br />City Clerk's Office <br />100 Civic Center Drive / P.O. Box 1768 <br />Newport Beach, CA 92658-8915 <br />949-644-3005 <br />Clerk's Date & Time Stamp <br />RECEIVED <br />2019 JAN 22 PM 5- 12 <br />OF <br />Appeals are time sensitive and must be received by the City Clerk specified time p&Tdd;fr4#1W0". rfpr final <br />action by a decision -maker. It is advisable to consult with the Department managing the issue if there is <br />question with regards to appealing an action. This is an appeal of the: <br />❑ Community Development Director Action to the Planning Commission - $1,637 <br />❑ Zoning Administrator Action to the Planning Commission - $1,637 <br />❑ Planning Commission Action to the City Council - $1,637 <br />❑ Hearing Officer Action to the City Council - $1,637 <br />❑ Building Official/Fire Marshal Action to the Building/Fire Board of Appeals - $1,637 <br />❑ Chief of Police Action on an Operator License to the City Manager - $710 <br />❑ City Manager Action on a Special Events Permit to the City Council - $1,639 <br />❑ Harbor Resources Manager Action on a Lease/Permit to the Harbor Commission - $100 <br />❑ Harbor Resources Manager Action to the Harbor Commission - Hourly Cost <br />® Harbor Commission Action to the City Council - Hourly Cost <br />❑ Other - Specify decision -maker, appellate body, Municipal Code authority and fee: <br />Appellant Information: <br />Name(s): Kevin Moriarty, Zachary Fischer, Glenn Walcott, Terry Morrison <br />Address: Representitive for Appeallants - Shawna Schaffner, CAA Planning, 30900 Rancho Viejo Rd. #285 <br />City/State/Zip: San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 <br />Phone: (949) 581-2888 Email: <br />Appealing Application Regarding: <br />Name of Applicant(s): Allyson and Ron Presta Date of Final Decision: January 9, 2019 <br />Project No.: AIC 1502-2018 Application Activity No.: <br />Site Address: 2888 Bayshore <br />Description of application: Redevelopment of an existing marina including the demolition of 53 boat slips to <br />be replaced with 50 boat slips of a generally larger size. <br />Reason (s) for Appeal (attach a separate sheet if necessary): Inconsistency with original approval, incompatibility <br />with surrounding residences, precedent, and deficient CEQA analysis. <br />Signature of Appellant: o< Date: /—.2.2 - / G% <br />FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: <br />Dat�Appeal filed and Administrative Fee received: 00 49A 1A20 �. <br />LA414�1 Z/� JYG <br />7Cie/ <br />cc: Department Director, Deputy Director, Staff, File <br />Cashier Code: CDD004 (Harbor Appeals HBR001) <br />F:IUserslC/erklSharefformsl4ppeal Application <br />Updated 12/14/2018 <br />