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• <br />I <br />• <br />ORDINANCE NO. 526 <br />The City of Newport Beach by <br />and through its City Council does <br />ordain as follows: <br />SECTION 1. DECLARATION <br />OF POLICY. <br />In view of the emergency creat- <br />ed by the present state of war, <br />and in order that the City of <br />Newport Beach, hereinafter called <br />one City, may best provide for <br />the common defense and promote <br />the general welfare of its inhab- <br />itants, it is hereby declared to be <br />the policy of the City that every <br />effort be made to coordinate and <br />supplement the ordinary peace- <br />time services of the City Gov- <br />ernment with the services of those <br />who will be. directly engaged in <br />taking measures against, or in <br />preparation for, air raids and <br />other war hazards and who will <br />also be engaged in such activities <br />as will stimulate the civilian par- <br />ticipation in the war effort. To <br />that end all persons mentioned <br />herein shall perform the duties <br />authorized or prescribed herein <br />and shall cooperate to the fullest <br />extent permitted by law with the <br />State, any of its agencies or in- <br />strumentalitics and the officers <br />or employees thereof, and with <br />the Federal Government, or any <br />agency or instrumentality there- <br />of, authorized to act with respect <br />to any such measures or activities. <br />It is hereby declared to he the <br />intent of the City that all pos- <br />sible steps be taken to coordinate <br />the war activities of the City with <br />the war activities of the State <br />and Federal Governments In <br />order to promote uniformity in <br />policy and action. <br />SECTION 2. DEPARTMENT <br />OF CIVILIAN DEFENSE. <br />There is hereby established <br />within the government of the <br />City of Newport Beach a depart- <br />ment to be known as the Depart- <br />ment of Civilian Defense, herein- <br />after referred to as the Depart- <br />ment, which shall consist of: (A) <br />a War Council; and (1) A Civil- <br />ian Defense Corps, (2) A Citi- <br />zens Service Corps. The Depart- <br />ment shall be subject to direction <br />and control by the War Council, <br />as hereinafter provided. <br />SECTION 3. WAR COUNCIL. <br />The War Council shall consist <br />of the Mayor, who shall be ex- <br />officio chairman, the Commander <br />of She Civilian Defensa Corps, the <br />Director of the Citizens Service <br />Corps, and the Coordimitor of the <br />War Council, which offices are <br />hereby created. In the event the <br />Mayor shall be Commander of the <br />Civilian Defense Corps, there shall <br />be an additional office of Deputy <br />Commander, the incumbent of <br />which shall be a member of the <br />War Council. Such offices shall <br />be filled by appointment by the <br />Mayor with the approval of the <br />City Council who shall also have <br />the power o° removal of any such <br />appointees. Any vacancy in the <br />War Council shall be filled in the <br />same manner as the original ap- <br />pointment thereto. <br />SECTION 4. POWERS AND <br />DUTIES OF WAR COUNCIL. <br />(4al To initiate, coordinate <br />and direct, except as Otherwise <br />provided by this ordinance, all ac- <br />tivities made necessary by the <br />war which directly affect the city <br />government or which require or- <br />ganized community action. <br />(4b) To prepare and recom. <br />mend for 'consideration by the <br />City Council, rules, regulations <br />or ordinances with respect to any <br />matter deemed by the War Coun- <br />cil essential to the war effort. <br />(4c) To enforce the lawful or- <br />ders, and comply with the re- <br />quests and recommendations of the <br />federal or state government or <br />any officer or agency thereof, <br />when specifically requested to do <br />so. Execpt as to the power grant- <br />ed in Section (4b) hereof, the <br />War Council may delegate any <br />of its powers, functions or duties <br />to the Coordinator for the War <br />Council, the Commander of the <br />Civilian Defense Corps, or the Di- <br />rector of the Citizens Service <br />Corps. <br />(4e) To request, and upon ap- <br />proval by the department head in <br />charge thereof, to obtain the <br />transfer of municipal personnel <br />or property, on either a tempor- <br />ary or permanent basis from any <br />other department of the city gov- <br />ernment. <br />(4f) To prepare and recom- <br />mend a budget for the expendi- <br />ture of moneys appropriated or <br />made available to the department <br />by the city. and of moneys re- <br />ceived by the city from private <br />sources, or from the state or fed- <br />eral government for any of the <br />objects or purposes of the depart- <br />ment, and to submit the same for <br />approval by life city council. <br />(4g) Within the limits ..of <br />funds made available to the de- <br />partment, and subject to all ap- <br />plicable requirements of law or <br />ordinance, the ,War Council shall <br />have the power to employ neces- <br />sary personnel and to acquire 'by <br />purchase or lease, suck, other fa- <br />cilities. equipment and supplies <br />as are necessary to carry out <br />the functions of the department. <br />SECTION 5. COORDINATOR <br />FOR THE WAR COUNCIL. <br />The Coordinator for the War <br />Council, hereinafter referred to <br />as the Coordinator, shall have the <br />following powers and duties; <br />(5a) The Coordinator shall be <br />the executive officer of the War <br />Council mud shall exercise such <br />powers of general supervision <br />over the activities of the Depart-.' <br />meet, including- the Civilian De -' <br />fence Coifs 'and the Citizens <br />Service Corps, as the War Coun- <br />cil shall determine to be neces- <br />sary to effect a proper coordina- <br />tion of their activities. <br />(5b) The Coordinator shall or- <br />ganize, and direct the work of the <br />following administrative, agencies <br />of the War Council:- <br />1. A Volunteer Office, which <br />shall serve as the recruiting <br />office for the Department. <br />If he.. deems it necessary the <br />Coordinator shall appoint a <br />Director for the Volunteer <br />Office. No recruitment of <br />volunteer personnel for <br />either branch of the Depart- <br />ment shall be made except <br />through the Volunteer Of- <br />fice. <br />2. A Training Division, which <br />shall include the training of <br />all enrollees In the Depart- <br />ment. If he deems it nee- <br />weary the Coordinator shall <br />appoint a Director of Train- <br />ing and such instructors as <br />may be required. All Train- <br />ing shall conform as nearly <br />as practical to requirements <br />of the Office of Civilian De- <br />fense. It is the intent of <br />this ordinance that all en- <br />rollees in the Department <br />shall be fully trained, but in <br />the event it is impossible <br />to induce a sufficient num- <br />ber of volunteers to com- <br />plete the prescribed train- <br />ing courses enrollees may <br />serve actively in their re- <br />spective units and services of <br />the corps regardless of the <br />degree of training they may <br />have attained. The Coord- <br />inator shall ismie a training <br />completion certificate to all <br />enrollees who complete a <br />prescribed training course. <br />A War Informaton Division, <br />which. in accordance with <br />rules to be, established by <br />the War Council, shall re- <br />view and pass upon any <br />material to be released by <br />press, radio, or any other <br />method of publication. The <br />Coordinator, if he deems it <br />necessary may appoint a <br />Director of -the War Infor- <br />mation Division. <br />4. A Personnel Office, which <br />shall keep a record of all <br />` enrollees in the Department, <br />supply such evidence as may <br />be necessary to secure to <br />enrollees the benefits of <br />State and Federal Compenl <br />sation other than that of a <br />medical nature, and estab- <br />lish a Casualty Record Sys- <br />tem. The Coordinator, if be <br />deems it necessary, may ap- <br />point a Personnel Officer. <br />Unless the amount of work <br />should require 'appointment of a <br />Director of the Volunteer Office, <br />a Director of the Training Divi- <br />sion. a Director of the War In. <br />formation. Division, and a Person- <br />nel Officer, the Coordinator may <br />assume the duties and titles of <br />such Directors and Officer. , <br />SECTION 6. CIVILIAN DE- <br />FENSE CORPS. <br />The Civilian Defense Corps shall <br />consist of the Commander, a <br />Deputy - Commander, and the fol- <br />lowing Services: (a) Staff of the <br />Commander; '(b) Emergency Fire <br />Service; (c) Emergency Police <br />Service; (d) Air Raid We- <br />Service (e) Emergency Medical <br />Service; (f, Emergency Welfare <br />Service; (g) Emergency Public <br />Works Service; (h) Emergency <br />Utilities Service, including rep- <br />resentatives cal all essential pub- <br />lic utility services: (h) Auxiliary <br />Group. <br />SECTION 7. POWERS AND <br />DUTIES OF THE COMMANDER. <br />In addition to the powers and <br />duties herein conferred, or which <br />may be delegated to him by the <br />War Council, the Commander <br />shall have the following powers <br />and duties: <br />(7a). The Commander shall or- <br />ganize, supervise, and direct the <br />Civilian Defense Corps, in con- <br />formity with policies established <br />by the War Council. In the es- <br />tablishment of such policies con - <br />sidelation shell be given the rec- <br />ommendations of the Federal Di- <br />rector of Civilian Defense and <br />ether eppropriate federal and state <br />officers and agencies. <br />(7b). In case of enemy attack <br />or during a period of air raid <br />alarm and until such time as the <br />emergency created thereby shall <br />