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ORDINANCE NO. 2001 -2 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING CHAPTER 10.48 OF TITLE 10 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />MUNICIPAL CODE, PERTAINING TO WEED AND RUBBISH ABATEMENT. <br />WHEREAS,The City Council of the City of Newport Beach does hereby ordain that certain <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code sections are amended to read, in full, as follows: <br />SECTION 1: Section 10.48.010 of Chapter 10.48 is amended to read as follows: <br />Section 10.48.010 Definitions. <br />Fire Chief. The term "Fire Chief' shall mean the Chief of the Newport Beach Fire <br />Department. <br />Fire Marshal. The term "Fire Marshal' shall mean the Fire Marshal of the Newport Beach <br />Fire Department, his assistants and deputies, or other public officers designated by the <br />Fire Chief to perform the duties imposed by this chapter upon the Fire Marshal. <br />Weeds. The term "weeds" shall mean weeds which when mature bear the wingy or <br />downy seeds, which will attain such a large growth as to become a fire menace when dry, <br />or which are otherwise noxious or dangerous. <br />SECTION 2: Section 10.48.020 of Chapter 10.48. is amended to read as follows: <br />Section 10.48.020 Authority to Declare Nuisance and Abate. <br />The Fire Marshal may declare a public nuisance and abate: <br />A. Weeds growing upon highways, streets, sidewalks, parkways, or private property <br />in the City. <br />B. Dry grass, stubble, brush, garden refuse, litter, or other flammable material which <br />constitutes a fire hazard or which, when dry, will in reasonable probability constitute a fire <br />hazard. <br />C. Poison oak and poison ivy when the location of such plants constitutes a menace <br />to the public health. <br />D. All rubbish, refuse and dirt upon parkways or sidewalks, and all rubbish and refuse <br />upon private property in the City. <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />