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On motion of Counoilman Claire seoonded by Counollman WSllia n <br />and oarrl the oommuniaatlon from the Chamber of Commeroe was fil <br />On tlon of Counollman Ellsworth seoonded by Counoll Williamson <br />and oarried, th ity Attorney was instruoted to oommunioate the <br />Supervisors in reg d to plaoing 4 -way signals at the Aroh orossing. <br />The three o •zunioations�in regard to toll eta different <br />part of the City laid ov from last meeting, wer;•t n up, and on <br />motion of Counollman Ellswa seoonded by Counol n Williamson and <br />oarried, the matter was referr to Counollme n,,trilmer and Claire togeth- <br />er with Dr. Grundy and the City 'veer fo a report. ' <br />UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />ORDINANCE N0. 378, a le <br />' <br />- AN ORDINANCE D ARING ALL OLD BUIL GS OR STRUCTURES, <br />WHIM[ ARE D PIDATED BEYOND REPAIR, E PUBLIC <br />A1[JISANCE AND PROVIDING FOR THE ABATEME F SUCH <br />NUIS S, <br />oame up for fi passage, was read, oonsidered, and-upon oa Bf the <br />roll passed the following vote, to -wit: <br />' S, Counoilmen HSlmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Tilliamson, <br />Johnson. <br />NOES, Counoilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Counoilmen None. <br />NEW BUSINESS <br />City Engineer Patterson Dresented the Agreements from the <br />Paoifio Eleotrio Railway Co., for the right to use their trolley poles <br />RESOLUTION N0. 584 <br />from Alvarado to "B" Streets for a period of 20 years, and also a Resol- <br />Adopted 3/24/30 <br />ution aooepting the Agreement. The Resolution was read, oonsidered, <br />Original Missing. <br />designated RESOLUTION 110. 584, and upon oall of the roll passed by the <br />following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Counoilmen HSlmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Williamson, <br />Johnson. <br />NOES, Counoilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Counoilmen None. <br />. ■ <br />The City Clerk reported that this was the time and plaoe fix - <br />for the hearing of protests or objeotiona against the work, the ass; - <br />me dietriot or grades desorlbed in Resolution of Intention No. 581, <br />the tter of the Smprovenent of Central Avenue in the City of Newp t <br />Be oh, 1Sfornia2 adopted by the City Counoll of the said City o the <br />3rd day o Maroh, 1930. <br />eredoe is hereby made to said Resolution of Inte Son on <br />file in the o Soe of the City Clerk for a partioular deco tion of the <br />work to be done. • <br />The Cle also reported that the affidavit o ublioation of <br />the Resolution of I ention and of the posting of th notioe of Improve- <br />ment as required by 1 had been made and were on Sle in the offioe of <br />the City Clerk. <br />The Clerk also orted that he had t reoeived any written <br />protests. The Mayor then an unoed that th was the time and plaoe <br />set for the hearing of protest or objeot a against the proposed work <br />or against the proposed dlatrlot r age et the proposed grades as set <br />forth in said Resolution of Intent n o. 5B1, and asked if anyone <br />present desired to file any writte otest or make any oral objeotions <br />against the proposed improvement to a extent of the distriot to be <br />assessed or to the proposed gr ea. No o present desiring to be <br />heard in said matter, WHERE , Counollman Slmer then offered and - <br />moved the adoption of a Re ution Ordering Work No. 585 in the ' <br />matter of the Smprovemen of Central Avenue, Sn he City of Newport <br />Beaoh, whioh motion w duly seoonded by Counollm Claire, and upon <br />oall of the roll th same was adopted by the follow vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, C nollmen HSlmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Slliamson, <br />Johnson. <br />NOE , Counoilmen None. <br />ENT, Counoilmen None. . <br />Counoilman Ellsworth then offered and moved the adopt l of <br />RESO ION NO. 586, ordering that the improvement of Central Avenu <br />sh be done under the direotion of the City Engineer instead of th <br />erintendent of Streets, whioh.motion was duly seoonded by Counoil- <br />nan Williamson and upon oall of the roll the same was adopted by the <br />