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2017-1 - Adopting an Updated Designated Employee List for 2017[Icon] 8
2017-10 - Amending City Council Policy A-13 Relating to Decorum and Order for City Commissions, Committees and Boards[Icon] 3
2017-11 - Accepting Petition of Assessment District No. 113[Icon] 4
2017-12 - To Post Stop Control on Bay Avenue West at the Intersection with Island Avenue[Icon] 3
2017-13 - Supporting the Submission of a Grant Proposal for Funding Under the Orange County Transportation Authority Environmental Cleanup Tier 1 Grant Program and Authorizing the City Manager or Designee to Submit the Proposed[Icon] 4
2017-14 - Establishing “No Parking” Restrictions on the Designated Streets on Specific Days and Times to Improve Street Sweeping Effectiveness and Repealing Resolution 2015-73[Icon] 23
2017-15 - Upholding the Planning Commission’s Approval of Major Site Development Review No. SD2016-002 for a Seven-Unit Residential Condominium Project Located at 20452 Santa Ana Avenue ‎(PA2016-069)‎[Icon] 9
2017-16 - Not Adopted[Icon] 1
2017-17 - Accepting and Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Categorical Exclusion Order CE-5-NPB-16-1[Icon] 19
2017-18 - Amending City Council Policy F-10 Related to Civil Asset Forfeiture and Seizure[Icon] 5
2017-19 - Finding Consistency with Stated Investment Objectives and Amending City Council Policy F-1 Requiring Long-Term Credit Rating Minimums to be in the “A” Category or Better, and to Allow for the Use of Mutual Funds in a Manner Consistent with Gover[Icon] 19
2017-2 - Supporting an Energy partnership Between the City of Newport Beach, Southern California Edison Company and Southern California Gas Company to be known as the “Energy Partnership”[Icon] 3
2017-20 - Authorizing the City manager to accept a Grant from the State of California’s Department of Parks and Recreation’s Division of Boating and Waterways Through its Boating Infrastructure Grant Program for the Construction and Operation of the Centr[Icon] 72
2017-21 - Approving the Issuance of Revenue Obligations by the California Enterprise Development Authority of an Aggregate Principal Amount not to exceed $6,000,000 for the Purpose of Refinancing Facilities for the Benefit of the Discovery Science Center[Icon] 4
2017-22 - Amending the City’s Waterfront Project Guidelines and Standards, Harbor Design Criteria – Commercial and Residential Facilities[Icon] 75
2017-23 - Approving Park In-Lieu Fee Credits for the Uptown Newport Project ‎(PA2011-134)‎[Icon] 6
2017-24 - Establishing Revised Schedule of Rates for Users of Buses that Park in Off-Street Parking Meter Zone 29, Commonly Known as the Balboa Pier Parking Lot[Icon] 4
2017-25 - Forwarding Ordinance No. 2017-9 to California Coastal Commission for a Determination of Adequacy to Implement Local Coastal Program Amendment LCP-5-NPB-17-0010-1 as Modified by the Coastal Commission ‎(PA2016-061)‎[Icon] 3
2017-26 - Not Adopted[Icon] 1
2017-27 - Adopting the Decision on the Industrial Disability Retirement of Paul Matheis[Icon] 12
2017-28 - Repealing Resolution No. 2016-87, Which Declared a Level Two Water Supply Shortage[Icon] 5
2017-29 - Adopting a Revised City Council Policy Regarding Invocations[Icon] 8
2017-3 - Amending Membership of the Balboa Village Advisory Committee[Icon] 4
2017-30 - Changing the Name of Ensign View Park to John Wayne Park to Honor the Former Resident[Icon] 4
2017-31 - Not Adopted[Icon] 1
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